Saks Fifth revamps online business with Saks First

By | June 9, 2015
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Upscale American Department Store SAKs Fifth Avenue has firmly established themselves as a major online retailer after revamping its loyalty program and streamlining this with its SAKS Off Fifth business. With expansion into Canada underway, the four million or so online visitors are sure to grow.


Saks Fifth Avenue retails designer clothing, shoes, handbags, jewellery, beauty and other products.  Saks reputation is forged on the back of the quality of its product lie and their sensitivity to fashion trends. The sister store – SAKS Off Fifth – is the discount off-shoot. Shop online now at!

Website was launched in 2000 – a relative latecomer amongst department stores. The company now also operates and The sites are visited by approximately five million people each month.

The websites are designed and modeled on the bright, lofty architecture of Saks’ stores themselves. Customers can filter their searches as broadly or as granular as they like—whether by designer, size, price, or more. While generally mirroring promotions held in-store, stay home shoppers can get even better deals when they subscribe to the (free) More! Insider program (see below).

Loyalty program

The Saks loyalty program, known as Saks First is attached to its in-store card – and also available as a MasterCard. It was revamped back in 2013 to make it far more attractive and allows shoppers to earn points in-store and online at both brands. While has continually stated its preference for unlinked programs (so that shoppers can also benefit from separate credit card point accumulation), we think that Saks First is one of the better programs.

cards in walletThe first time you use your Saks First card, you will receive a 10% discount. That means that your best bet is make a large purchase that first time There are some exceptions and exclusions so check carefully first.

Loyalty points are awarded at the rate of 2-6 points per dollar spent. The amount varies depending on your membership tier – Premier, Elite, Platinum or Diamond. To reach the top level of Diamond, you’d need to spend $25000 or more in one calendar year. There is no minimum for Premier status.

At numerous times during the year, Saks announces double and triple point days.

Every February, Saks will send you out a voucher for 1% of the points you have earned. That’s an effective minimum cash back of 2% which places Saks First at the mid-range level of rewards programs. If you take into account tier and double/triple point promotions, a Platinum or Diamond member could, on occasion, earn as many as 18points/dollar – an effective cash back of a very healthy 18%.

Saks First also receive increasing levels of bonuses, such as advance invitations to sales, and access to fashion consultants, and even valet parking.

In addition to Saks First is the More! Insider program. It’s not technically a rewards program as such, but membership entitles online users to free shipping and access to special promotions.  As such, there seems no reason NOT to join especially as there is no requirement to provide any more information than name, address, phone and email.


Saks offer free standard shipping now on all orders by using the coupon code FREESHIP. It makes the advertised benefits of free shipping for More! Insider and Saks First a little disingenuous but it’s a positive move. International shipping is available.


Refunds are offered on unused/unworn products up to 30 days after purchase. Goods can be returned to any store or shipped back with the enclosed return label. However shoppers will be charged a fee for the return postage. If an exchange, rather than a refund is sought, then there is no shipping fee.

5 thoughts on “Saks Fifth revamps online business with Saks First

  1. Katey

    Saks Fifth is my favorite online store! I have been a member of Saks first for a while now and their bonuses are really worth, they are what make me come back time and time again 😀

  2. Jane Knapp

    Though I have never before shopped at Saks Off Fifth online, due to your article, curiosity got the better of me and I checked it out. Actually, before when I thought of Saks, I thought of nose-bleed high prices on items that only celebrities and CEOs can afford, but when I checked it out, no it’s not so.

    If a fashion-conscious person shops with alertness and discretion, they will likely appreciate the offerings there. I was thrilled to see that they have a clearance section! For many, Saks isn’t for filling up the wardrobe at back to school time; but for adding a few must-have designer items, it’s apparently in the running as a worthy shopping choice.

    1. Laura

      Same boat-same boat. Never cared to shop from them until I read this review. The first impression of the online store was surely very positive. Especially liked the way how the store was so neatly designed (without any hint of flashiness) with clear cut categorization. The site doesn’t, even remotely, give the look that the stuff inside it would be cheap. But to my surprise too, things were fairly within my reach there.
      Thinking of buying a pair of shoes from them as it’s so in the budget, you know. Let’s see.

  3. Ann

    I love that Saks Fifth has an online store, but at a discounted price. Always a plus when you have 3 girls ranging from ages 11-19. And I agree with Jane, the clearance section gets looked at a lot by me. 🙂 And the loyalty program is definitely used in this household…though so far I haven’t obtained Diamond status….

  4. Oliver

    Saks Fifth Avenue stores are one of those saksy ones. Hehe!!!
    In addition to the invincible variety in clothing and accessories there, the overall value for money offered through buying online from them is definitely their biggest plus. One of the best loyalty programs out there.
    30 days replacement guarantee, free shipping, easy refund policy, kickass loyalty program… I mean what more can one ask for.


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