Dodo (Aus) fights back with new broadband pricing.

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A dodo is an extinct flightless bird and I’ve always wondered why it was chosen as the name for a business operating in new technology – and back in the mid to late 2000’s it looked like Dodo might actually follow in the steps of its namesake. In the early 2000’s Dodo pummelled the living rooms of ordinary […]

Amaysim Review (Aus) : Still great value, even if the coverage isn’t perfect

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Amaysim is an Australian mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers a range of SIM-only mobile and data plans. Founded in 2010, Amaysim has constantly been amongst the cheapest SIM-only options available in Australia.  Cheap is one thing for sure, but are Amaysim any good? Amaysim offer three basic packages; as-you-go, flexi and unlimited. The As-you-go package […] Review – still a reliable calling card

Posted on May 14, 2014January 22, 20195 CommentsPosted in Calling cards, Phone And Internet is one of the biggest calling card companies in the business., formed in 2002, is the US wing of, a subsidiary of Latin American Technology Company Fnbox Ventures, Inc. is a reseller that markets prepaid phonecards for several 3rd party telecom carriers, including IDT, NobelTel, Primus, and Vectone. As with most calling card resellers, […] Review

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The calling card market is really competitive with hundreds of options available for consumers. We at were keen to investigate the claim by leading calling card distributor who claim (doesn’t everyone?) to offer “the lowest rates for long distance calls”.  And of course price isn’t everything.  Who cares how cheap a call is if you […]

Optus (Aus) : Far-fetched Deals not all they’re cracked up to be.

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Optus have been making a big pitch with their new deals featuring Fetch TV. The ads must have had a more-than-sublimal effect on me because i went and cancelled my phone/internet package with Exetel and reverted back to Optus. I’m one of the lucky ones to have NBN at home and probably the only person […]

Exetel (Aus) : Best deals on paper, pity about the service

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Exetel’s site claims they’re Australia’s best kept secret. They allegedly believe in less hassle, less time wasting and more value. Let’s have a closer look. Price? ADSL packages start at $19.99 for 100GB, $29.99 for 500GB and $39.99 for unlimited. That is clearly the cheapest ADSL package in the country and the reason they allegedly […]

Sir Telstra (Aus) : Sometimes, you just have to acquiesce

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Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications provider offering a full range of telecom services throughout Australia. The company provides basic access services to most homes and businesses, local and long-distance telephone call services, and mobile and internet services including just 3.5 million broadband subscribers and over 15 million mobile telephony subscribers. Telstra are generally the most […]