29 thoughts on “Starting up your own “at home” T-Shirt business

  1. Sharon Gatty

    Just amazing!! It gives me clear idea how designing a t-shirt becomes very
    easy and I’m looking forward to utilize this type of process to start my
    own t-shirt business online. Thanks.

  2. ian scoff

    Martin, would you suggest that I need to buy a cutter such as the Roland
    Camm 1 to start with or could I get buy with say a cameo? I’ve got my eye
    on a LIYU 24″.

  3. swordfish00007

    The prints look very clean. Would you suggest these are better than
    typical ink, silk screen printing etc? I am writing to you from the USA.
    Also the health wise of not breathing in the fumes of the conventional
    screen print i would think this is better. Do these wash out quickly etc?
    How much are your one day camps? Thanks

    1. Gowtham

      Clothing vinyl are extremely durable. They can easily outlast the shirt. However, you could use vinyl only for simple and one colour designs. Like silhouettes and texts. If you want to stay away from screen printing and still want to print colourful images, you could try heat transfer papers. With the right paper, quality equipment and ink, transfers could last for years as well, but they will not be as durable as the plastisol paint used in screen printing. Hope it helps. Good luck! I’m writing from India 🙂

  4. Travis Dnttrip

    how do u get ur own drawings tht are on paper onto a printing sheet? ther a
    company tht can do tht?

  5. Tracksz Tune

    What type of printer you use to print the graphics like that ?

    1. Gowtham

      It’s vinyl. Essentially, what you do is, take a sheet of vinyl and cut out the design with a vinyl cutter/plotter. There are special software that and send information to the cutter. Once it cut out, excess vinyl is weeded and pressed on the t-shirt using a heatpress which will melt the vinyl into the shirt. They are extremely durable. If you don’t get it, think of take a sheet of paper and cutting a design out of it. Same thing here, but for precision a cutter is used.

  6. sayantan chakraborty

    sir,please tell me does it work on 100 %
    cotton t shirts??

  7. Mohammed Bousselham

    where can i get the vinyl and where do i make it cut?

  8. Margaret Dowling

    Martin do you sell or have link to heat transfer paper for light and dark
    fabrics please
    thanks for the great videos xmx

    1. Gowtham

      In one of his other videos he shows how he cuts it. You don’t need a company. You just need a Vinyl cutter. They are pretty cheap. Look up silhouette cameo in Amazon. A lot of people suggest that product for cutting vinyl and heat transfers. There are also lot of videos on YouTube.

  9. danielhernandez51

    Hi my name is danny. Im 23 years old. And im trying to start a new small
    t-shirt printing business. I love this tutorial 🙂 thank u very much. But
    since im new in this i would like to get some help. Cuz i dont know
    anything about this, i already know i have to buy a small printing machine.
    But i want to know how to get drawings? If i need any computer program to
    create pictures? I would really apreciate if u answer back. I will leave my
    email in case u want to reach me. Thanks alot and god bless u 🙂

  10. Martin Butler

    You can multi layer different types of vinyl or use transfer paper

  11. Martin Butler

    Transporter lol. I think you are talking about Jason Statham Cockney London
    Accent. Thanks for your comment, made me laugh.

  12. Jack Chaplin

    Martin im a 16 year old lad who is looking to do this sort of thing as a
    career with a very close friend of mine! we’ve been saving up for ages now
    and have a reasonable amount of money, would you advise us to get a heat
    press machine to start off generating a fairly decent income and way of
    getting ourselves out there? if so what make/brand machine have you got?
    which is the best to get thats not too high in price but not too low!
    Thanks mate Jack. PM or email me jackchaplinyoutube@hotmail.com

  13. Ryan TheBlueprint

    hey im just about to purchase a vynl cutting machine, is it possible you
    can do a vidoe on working with these?

  14. erk7xl

    polyester shirts are done using sublimation. if it peels off check your
    temp, pressure and duration. It sounds like it needs to be on the press

  15. fer es

    how did you cut your design, you show only here how to get out the extra

  16. Keith

    Amazing things here. I’m very happy to see
    your article. Thanks so much and I am having a look ahead to contact you.
    Will you please drop me a mail?


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