Ralph Lauren – as classy online as offline

By | September 5, 2014

Ralph Lauren was founded in 1967 and is a US-based company that designs, markets and sells its high-end apparel, fragrances, home furnishings and accessories worldwide.

Ralph Lauren Product Line

While Polo remains its flagship brand, the Ralph Lauren Corporation also manages other brands including Ralph Lauren Black Label, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Ralph Lauren Blue Label, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Club Monaco and Chaps.


Ralph Lauren

The website is designed beautifully as befitting a high-end designer. There are great photos, videos and even music which loads on various pages.

We couldnt help thinking that if you didn’t have a good internet connection and had to wait for each page to load, then maybe Ralph Lauren wasn’t ever supposed to be for you anyway.

Individual product photos can be “zoomed” in on for a better view, but there are no customer product reviews.

At checkout, you’ll be given the option of other related products on sale. When we went through to checkout to purchase a BOYS hoodie, we were given the option of a BOYS novelty cotton polo for $22.50 instead of $55. We quickly checked to see if the sale price was normally available or only available after reaching checkout. Kudos to Ralph Lauren. The ‘sale price’ is generally available and the offer seems genuinely welcome rather than a “would you like fries with that?” sort of thing.


RL ShippingStandard ground shipping within the US is an $8 flat fee. (You can get a cheaper rate of $5 per address if you have multiple addresses.)

2-day business is $20 and next day delivery is $25. Of course there are some limitations on the physicals size of your order, so please check their shipping rates here.

Free shipping is available for orders over $195. At the time of this review, a promotion of free shipping for orders over $125 was in play, so keep an eye out for any shipping specials/coupons available.


Ralp Lauren does not ship internationally but has stores all over the world. You can search for one here.

Customer service and returns

Return-paid shipping labels are included with all sales. Returns are limited to 60 days or 30 days for sale items. As with all standard returns policies, you can’t wear (beyond trying it on) or certainly wash anything and then expect a return.


Ralph Lauren has successfully embraced online shopping with a website that oozes all the class of their products. Click on the logo below to start shopping:

5 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren – as classy online as offline

  1. Georgia

    Good review. Really like Ralph Lauren, but what do you mean by “You can get a cheaper rate of $5 per address if you have multiple addresses.”?

  2. Stay Home Shopping

    Hi Tania, glad you liked the review. re your question;
    If, in the same order, you were to purchase 2 items to be sent to 2 different addresses, the postage would be 2 x $5 instead of 2 x $8.

  3. Hrvoje

    Very nice review! Ralph Lauren really has beautiful webpage. I’m sorry they does not ship internationally.
    I have read once that founder Ralph Lauren has Belarus origin.

  4. Justin

    I honestly can’t stand a website that has a page that loads a video or music when I go to it, so from your review I wouldn’t even try this page. Thanks, they can give me seizures when they load like that. So it’s nice to know.

  5. Samantha

    This store is pure class, I’m seriously addicted. Considering how popular personal style/fashion blogs are, I have a lot of inspiration everywhere I look. I do my best to buy as many basic and cheaper pieces like black jeans or black t-shirts so I can invest in more expensive statement pieces, like a very modern jacket or leather pants, something that will look great in a million combinations.

    I, for one, like their website and it’s perfect if you like to stay home shopping; it loads fast and on the product page you get to see how the item is styled which is very useful. Their boots are so cool and so over my budget right now, but I’m soon gonna get myself an early Christmas gift.

    However when you step in a Ralph Lauren store you better wear their latest collection or expect to be treated like very poorly. Have any of you had this experience?


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