FragranceNet – huge discounts a reality

By | August 23, 2014

FragranceNet is the world’s largest online-only retailer of brand-name fragrances, bath and body products, gels, candles, hair care products, powders and soaps. While based in the US, FragranceNet have established a worldwide market due to their capacity to provide large discounts that still undercut local suppliers no matter where they are.

FragranceNet Products

FragranceNet directly sells more than 5,000  products from over 80 different suppliers. Approximately three quarters of sales are made with inventory purchased in advance of sales, while a quarter of sales are made with inventory purchased by the Company when a consumer buys it and has paid for it.

Brands on sale include designer names Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Hermes, Nicole Miller, Yves Saint Laurent, Oscar de la Renta, Fendi, and others.


There probably isn’t a better example anywhere of how an online shop can deliver discounts to its customers because of its business model. Some of the discounts are as high as 80% and that’s before using coupons.

Stayhome Shopping did a quick price comparison and found CREED Millesime Imperial 4oz selling for $330 at Neiman Marcus compared to $175.19 at FragranceNet – and that was before a 20% coupon discount available at the time. We looked at Dolce & Gabbana “The One” shower gel. MACY’s and Neiman Marcus are selling it for $41, while it retails for $27.19 at FragranceNet – once again before discounting.

Of course, the savvy home shopper is always advised to do their own price comparisons but we were certainly pleasantly surprised that the first two random products we looked at carried such heavy discounts.

Are FragranceNet products real?

The massively discounted prices leads some to question whether FragranceNet are passing off fakes. Despite some claims by some disgruntled customers on the net, Stayhomeshopping was unable to find any credible evidence that their products were anything but genuine.

The web address is

You will immediately be prompted to register if you haven’t already. Registering opens up access to further discounts (at the time of writing, that was 20%) and puts you on the mailing list for coupons. When you register, you can set a reminder to arrive in your email inbox say, two weeks before any birthday or anniversary. One customer commented online that she had registered under her husband’s name – with his email address – and set reminders for her birthday and their anniversary. Neat trick! Once on the site you can search by price, product name or brand and type of scent.  Within seconds following every order placed with FragranceNet, the Company sends an e-mail confirmation detailing all aspects of your order. There are also live customer service representatives available to answer questions you may have either about your order or about a particular fragrance.



FragranceNet offer free US shipping for orders over $59 but with the use of readily available coupons, you can score free shipping for orders less than that.

International shopping prices depend on destination. UK orders are distributed via Royal Mail within the UK for their local distribution center.

International shipping will not be fast. If you’re in, Australia, for instance, you should not expect to receive your products earlier than two weeks after ordering. Some have reported waiting up to four weeks for delivery.

Around 25% of FragranceNet sales are made outside the US, demonstrating that even with the extra shipping costs and times, they still manage to deliver value.

Customer Service, refunds and returns

FragranceNet boast that their returns are ‘Hassle-Free’.

Unopened merchandise (except Skincare and Haircare items) can be returned in its original condition, including original packaging and packing slip within 30 days of receipt for a full refund less shipping and any gift wrapping charges. There is a 20% restocking fee for any merchandise not returned in its original condition and packaging. Any shipping cost incurred to return the product is not refunded. The shipping cost is non-refundable for undelivered, unclaimed or returned packages, unless FragranceNet actually made the error. No refunds or exchanges are offered for Skincare or Haircare items due to health reasons. Despite the claim to be ‘hassle-free’ , refunds and  returns are always a hassle. Stayhomeshoppers are, as always, advised to make their selections carefully.

Deals, Discounts and Coupons

Even with their already heavily-discounted prices you should always keep an eye out for coupons.

Here’s some you can use:

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6 thoughts on “FragranceNet – huge discounts a reality

  1. Tedla

    I’m a huge fan of FragranceNet. Their prices are always lots cheaper than at department stores. I’ve been ordering from them for years.

  2. Georgia

    Friend of mine said she ordered some perfume (forget what) and it was really old and didn’t smell right. You have to wonder how they can sell stuff so cheap. Maybe that’s why!

  3. Phoenix

    Their prices are really good. they got one of my orders wrong once but all got sorted out in the end.

  4. Hrvoje

    It’s hard to believe their prices are so low. But until we find any credible evidence that their webpage is scam, lets enjoy this great prices!

  5. Sandy

    I’m a huge fan of Chloe Narcissus and my daughter of Obsession. If I had to buy our fragrances at full prices I swear I’d be broke.

  6. Samantha

    Horrible first experience! I ordered Prada Infusion D’iris for my mom and was horrified when I opened the box. The bottle was half empty, this is unacceptable for a company that claims to sell high quality products. Also, and the scent was far from original and I’m sure of this as Infusion D’iris is my mom’s favorite perfume, she used it in the last 4 years. This was clearly a fake and when I called their customer service they we’re aware of this but tried to calm me down and tell me that they probably shipped the wrong bottle. Are you serious? How do you manage to wrongfully ship a half empty bottle?


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