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By | August 2, 2014

My Social Book is a website that lets you put all your timeline’s status updates, photos, events and comments into a physical book.

Let’s face it. In today’s digital age, hardly anyone is keeping hard copies of all those awesome photos that they take regularly on their smart phones.

And what about that post that attracted 478 likes, and a barrage of witty commentary? Wouldn’t you like that preserved?

The site uses some clever software to design the books which vary in length between about 25 pages and 500 – and come in soft and hard covers. Prices vary from about $12 to $135 depending on how much content you want to archive.

You can also make books for your friends, or for pages or groups you like. It’s a lot of fun using the free tool to see what each friend’s book would look like.

Some people that we spoke to found the concept a little creepy, but only material that is publicly available on Facebook is used.

There is also only limited ability to be ‘creative’ as most of the design is automatically generated. This can lead to some odd prioritising and some strange spaces – things that wouldn’t happen if you were using a human graphic designer. Clearly, though, a human graphic designer would make this hugely more expensive unless mysocialbook were to allow users more flexibility by designing things themselves.

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