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By | August 5, 2014

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Hammacher Schlemmer is an American retailer and mail order company renowned for its innovative product line. Hammacher Schlemmer have been publishing their mail-order catalog since 1881, making it the oldest continuously published catalog in the United States. It’s only fitting that a company priding itself on innovation should also be a leader in online retail.



The Live Video Camera Drone

Hammacher Schlemmer offer electronics, apparel, home and outdoor, toys, personal care, travel and holiday goods. But it’s their ‘gadgets’ that they’re renowned for.

At the time of this review, some of the items for sale included  a live video camera drone (see photo left), an inflatable tie so you can sneak a sleep at your desk and an autonomous robotic gutter cleaner.

In 2013, Gizomodo ran a great article on the 12 most popular items for sale through the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, with the “genuine Turkish bathrobe” surprisingly topping the list. So it’s not all gadgets.



HamScdescriptIt’s great fun looking through this website, and not just for all the quirky things on sale.

Each product can be clicked on, bringing up a full page description, with customer reviews.

Products are either listed as ‘available for immediate shipment’ or ‘please allow xxx weeks for delivery’ , depending on the status.


Standard shipping costs vary depending on the size of the order (and increasing).

HS Shipping

There are higher charges for express shipping and oversized items. Coupons offering free or reduced shipping are available from time to time.

Hammacher Schlemmer ships to 24 international designations and the prices vary.

Returns and Customer Service

Hammacher Schlemmer make a bold promise: an unconditional and unwavering guarantee for life on any goods purchased.

Products are sent with a return UPS slip (US mainland only). If used, $10.95 will be deducted from the refund.


The Compact Core Exerciser + Free Shipping on $99+ with code HSFREE

The Golfer’s Waterproof Jacket + Free Shipping on $99+ with code HSFREE

The Best Waterproof iPhone 5/5S Case + Free Shipping on $99+ with code HSFREE

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  1. Hrvoje

    Hammacher Schlemmer is a retailer and mail order company with very long tradition, so I trust them. They have amazing webpage and good quality products.

  2. VideoPortal

    Thanks for the review. My hubby definitely needs something like this for all his business ties. His tie collection is as bad as my shoe collection!


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