How to make a sand castle in your living room.

By | May 2, 2014

At we often get sent samples of things to try out. I like getting kids toys and games because i have young children myself to test them out on – and they love it too.  But i’d never heard of kinetic sand before. I was intrigued and quickly found this video on youtube.

Since it arrived, the kids have hardly touched it. Not because they don’t think it’s awesome but because i can’t stop playing with it myself. Using a few bits and pieces from the kitchen as moulds, and in conjunction with a plastic knife, I’ve built castles, farms, faces an Egyptian Pyramid and even the Sphinx – all on the kitchen table. If I get brave i may even post some of my own constructions.

The kinetic sand easily packs up into the plastic we keep it in. It stays moist, and doesn’t stick to anything. Unlike play dough, there’s no crumbles and/or sticky stuff to deal with.

It probably needs to be packaged better. It came in a plastic bag inside a cardboard box – and then i had to find somewhere to keep it. Why not package it in a bucket with a lid? There also only seem to be a very limited number of official moulds available. I’d say there’s definitely a market for these types of extras.

Boxes come in at least two sizes, 11lb and 2.2lbs and are available online from


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