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Panorama of tropical beachWhile there is still a role for traditional travel agents, booking travel online is now so fast and easy that its growth has been phenomenal.

Below is a list of what we think are some of the best travel sites to get you on your way.


Hotels Combined is a free search engine that allows you to browse through hundreds of different online travel sites, compare prices and then book the same property at the cheapest price. is probably the premier online accommodation site in the world with nearly half a million hotels, villas and apartments in 140 countries.


Skyscanner and Dohop are both flight meta-search engines that work just like Hotels Combined (see above). it’s always a good idea to start there and see who’s offering the best deals.


The Travel Buster is one of our favourite travel blogs for its irreverent advice. For more serious stuff (and great photos) check out Intelligent Travel

Other (UK)  and (international) are discount websites utilising the best available search tools to bring you the best deals.


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